Martial Arts Training Wooden Board

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Perfect for practice and demonstrations!
Made of paulownia wood.
Available in three levels of difficulty.
Sold per case.
Easy: Approx. 0.35 inch thick 80 boards/case
Medium: Approx. 0.47 inch thick 60 boards/case
Hard: Approx. 0.71 inch thick 40 boards/case




Perfect for practice!
Durable construction allows consistent breaking over and over again.
Tongue and groove design slides easily back together.
Foam covered striking area to protect your knuckles.
Available in three strength levels.
Sold separately.
Yellow: Beginner 12 x 9 inch          Red: Intermediate 13 x 9.75 inch         Black: Advanced 11.25 x 11.25 inch

Total of 12 teeth, which secure the two pieces together firmly.
Featuring grooved handles on each end for a better grip.
Face is covered with textured rubber.
Size :11.5 x 9.75  inch
Available in three levels of difficulty. Sold separately.
Yellow: Beginner                    Green: Intermediate              Red: Advanced